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"Made in USA"

In this age of a global economy we tend to complain about jobs being shipped overseas but rarely make changes by using our pocket book. In a capitalistic economy how you use your dollar is power. Buying USA is not about racism or patriotism; it is about supporting our broader cultural values through a supported economic environment. It is selfish to only take the benefits and freedoms that living here in the US affords, without giving back. Sustainability requires investing some of our energy and dollars back into what provides for us. When you rationalize and justify your decision to not buy US made products, please consider friends and family that decision might affect. The recent economic downturn probably affected you, or someone you know. Please look what you can do to help right here at home, volunteer, vote, be compassionate, buy local. If a stove is made in Canada, it has the same effect to our economy as a stove made in China or Denmark. They may be a good product, that isn’t the only issue, our roads, education, house values and poverty levels are a large part dependent upon our heavy manufacturing here at home. Please consider this when you purchase anything. There are things that you just cant find USA made, I am not talking about those products. Our Lopi, Avalon, Fireplace Xtrordinaire, Lennox, Vermont Castings hearth products, and Artesian Hot Tubs are all quality products made here in the USA. We keep our margins low to try and help make your decision easier. Thank you!


fireplace_xtrodinare xtreme

At Santa Cruz Fireplace and Hot Tub we offer a large selection of premium hearth products. Santa Cruz Fireplace and Hot Tub is sure to have exactly what you are looking for.  Displaying a wide variety of gas, wood and pellet products to fit most any application and installation.


Liberty stove

Hearth areas are the natural focal point of the home whether they be used as a primary heating source or for visual appeal. Santa Cruz Fireplaces and Hot Tub has a large selection of fireplace inserts, fireplaces and stoves. We have all of the tools you need to put your ideas into action and help you create the home of your dreams!


Hot Tubs


We carry a number of popular and trusted makes and models of hot tubs and spas.
You are welcome to visit our warehouse on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz to see what’s on display. Or, you can come down and select something from the manufacturers catalog. While you’re thinking about it, surf our manufacturers websites to get some ideas!